Understanding some casino terminologies

Understanding some casino terminologies


There are certain terminologies you are bound to come across numerous times when reading about online casinos. Some of these terms consist of house edges, odds, payout ratios as well as probability. Some players have a basic understanding of what these terms mean. But there is a host of others who have no idea what these terms mean and how significant they are. It’s easy to get by without actually having a detailed understanding of this terms can go a long way on the long run.

If you are one of those people who desire to have more understanding about these terms, we shall be taking a look at them to help you have a better understanding of their significance.

House Edge

This is not as easy to calculate as the others. It is basically a measurement of how much cash the casino expects to earn from every wager as time goes by. Let’s assume that on the roulette wheel, a player wagers for 3, spins. That is a great representation of what long-term means. Let’s assume that the amount wagered on the number 13 every time is one dollar, the accumulation of the amount the player wagers would be $3,700.

The number 13 would be called once for every 37 spins in the long run. Therefore it will be called 100 times in 3, 700 spins. Every time the player wins, he will get his original wager of 1 dollar and 35 dollars in winnings. Basically, if he wins 100 times, he will get $ 3, 600. In essence, a player is expected to lose $100 to the casino on his $ 3,700 investment. Therefore the casino has a percentage expectation of 2.7percent and this is known as the house edge.





This is a measurement of the amount paid out by the casino in the event a player wins. Therefore it is common to refer to odds as payouts. The odd for one number bet in roulette is basically 32 to 1. What this means is that if the players wage a dollar on the number 13 and the number is called, the player wins $35. Additionally, the dollar the player used in wagering would be given back to him. There are other ways in which odds are states as well so players should take care not to get them mixed up.



This is the possibility of an event happening. There are 37 numbers on the Roulette wheel and one end of this includes 0. There is a possibility of any of them being called. Therefore the probability of 11 being called is 1 out of 37. There are 18 numbers in red so the probability of having a red number being called out is 18 out of 37 and this is less than half marginally. Basically, this means that if you are playing a fair game and the wheel is spun numerous amount of times, then the number 13 would show up averagely once in 37 spins.


Tips In Choosing the best online casino


If you are the type of person that enjoys gambling, and you want to gamble on your time and at your pace, then the online casino is just the thing for you. As the name states, online casinos are just like their real “brick and mortar” counterparts in the variety of games you can play.

 After having searched tried and tested the numerous online casinos available, this guide has been written to provide those new to online casinos the necessary prerequisites and information to look out for when choosing an online casino.

Mobile Casino

The Quality and Variety of Games

When asked, many online gamblers have said they picked their online casino because of the choice of games it had. It’s important to look up each sites’ amounts of games and if there is a variety

Regulations and License

A little known or otherwise surprising fact is that online casinos have to be licensed and regulated in each market they want to operate in. it does surprise those new to online casinos as the thought is “it’s online so it shouldn’t matter”. Many have fallen victim to unlicensed online casinos or have run afoul of the law for accessing casinos not regulated in their country. For example not every state in the USA allows online gambling, so it is important to note if your geographical location has any legal hangups to you using online casinos.

Adequate Sign-on Bonuses, or lack thereof

Many online casinos have running promotions solely for new users. This is a way to entice you to use their site. Before you sing up, it is important to do your homework on each site you are interested in, how much the bonus is, how it applies and what games are eligible. When you do this, you can be sure the online casino you sign up to is best suited to your preference and you are getting a decent amount of cash.

Payment Options Supported

It is very important to note what payment options the online casinos support and if your preferred payment option is amongst the list. This is a good thing to note especially if you are the type of player that likes to play for real money.

Reliability and Speed of Payment.

Nothing could grind your gears like waiting for what seems like an eternity to be credited with winnings that are rightfully yours. Worst still is signing up, paying money to play, only to realize that the online casino doesn’t have a good reputation when it comes to paying out.




When you take heed of these tips while searching for an online casino, you can be sure when you finally do pick, it will be a reputable licensed site with massive bonuses and quick payout

Top Software Providers for online casinos


Top Software Providers for online casinos

The online casino market has become continuously competitive over the last years. This is the reason market leaders have been making efforts to draw in more customers by utilizing innovations which could assist in ensuring their gambling experience is made better. There were more than hundred casinos running operations as at December 2012, which led the biggest providers to release special platforms for players to play.

The providers have now made more emphasis on a new area which is mobile gaming. This provides the users with the capacity to gain access to their favorite website through their mobile devices as long as it had internet access. With this development, players have the capacity to play at online casinos at any time regardless of their location.

Top Software Providers for online casinos

There are numerous online casino software providers that can ensure your gambling experience is an amazing one. In most scenarios, it is required that a specific software s=is downloaded and installed by users to their devices. These installations and downloads are usually very rapid.

In other situations, there are also online casinos that do not have an option for download. This means that users are giving the capacity with the aid of a flash casino. There are a lot of software providers in this business and below are some of the biggest.

They include:


Playtech was Setup in 2000 and has been one of the main providers of gaming systems software. The company became public on the stock exchange in London in the year 2005. The company has not only spread its reach on the market but has also made efforts to extend its reliability in the gaming industry.


This has been one of the largest providers when it comes to online casino software. It has been growing tremendously since it was set-up in 1994 but the major success attained by this company was after they released the official viper software in the year 2002.

The company provides a diverse range of high impact games which have some of the most amazing sounds and graphics.




This is a company making efforts to merge innovative approach and tradition so as to provide gaming services and products of great quality. It has won trust from a host of online casino platforms as well as players all around the world.

Additionally, this organisation is one of the best suppliers of digitally distributed games and systems for online casinos. The software provided by this organization is currently utilized by a huge amount of renowned gaming operators in the industry.


RealTime Gaming (RTG)

This was set-up in 1998 in the U.S, but they all their development operations were moved to Casta Rica. The company places emphasis on the development of software for casinos which are available to be downloaded. The software offered by this organization has the appropriate licensing is utilized by a host of operators that run their own casinos online which are run under the software of RTG.